Friday, November 2, 2007

Trick or Treat

We weren't planning on taking Ian trick or treating this year because I thought he might be too young. But then the kid in me got really excited for him and we** decided at the last minute to take him up and down our own block. We had a really fun time and it was a great chance to talk to our neighbors.

**Jeremy says he never went trick or treating as a kid and was a bit reluctant for Ian to go. I teased him mercilessly of course and then promised we wouldn't end the night with a cauldron of witch's brew. :-)

He didn't have a costume so I bought some Shrek ears at the store along with some play makeup. He thought the ears were bunny ears so I made a little nose and whiskers. He decided however, after looking in the mirror, that a 'roar' would be a very fitting sound for a little Shrek bunny rabbit. So in the end I'm not sure what he was but it was all pretty cute.

Sawyer getting ready to go trick or treating with us. He got to wear his poncho from Karli. He was adorable in it!

Dad took care of Sawyer because he didn't know how to trick or treat.

His first house! Our neighbor dressed the part. Ian thought the whole thing was really strange at first but quickly warmed up once he realized he got some candy out of it.

He would yell 'trick or treat' before anyone answered the door and then he was silent when they were actually standing there.

Sitting on our steps after the making the rounds.

Eyeing all the candy he brought home.



Karli said...

Ahhh, look at Sawyer! So cute! I love the ears & makeup you put on Ian. We had fun trick-or-treating, and Samuel loved it. Also a great way to meet more of our neighbors. I'm glad you guys had a good time! Very cute pictures! --Karli

Bonnie and Fred said...

Ian made a good haul on sweets. And speaking of sweet, Sawyer, you are something else to look at. Love you boys. Grandpa

The Lehmans said...

What fun! We went trick or treating at a friend's house this year and the boys loved it. We also agreed that it doesn't have to be "the devil's night", let's not get dramatic! LOL We had fun just dressing up and being silly! Your boys are too cute. Love the Shrek bunny rabbit!

Adam and Raechell said...

Jeremy, I actually asked Adam about this...I was confused because he went trick or treating every year. Hummmmm. Why didn't you get to go and he said that the family had moved out to the country (in Potsdam) and there just wasn't a neighborhood to trick or treat in. advice...whoop it up while they are young enough for you to influence their costume choices! :D I know Adam has! They have both been several characters from Star Wars over the years. LOL You just didn't have enough time to help pick out costumes for your boys or you would have had way more fun. Now that you know Andrea has her heart set on participating in this holiday...join in and enjoy. {Learn to say this early, "Ok kids...shower time, while we go through your candy and make sure it's safe to eat."} :D Good times!