Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sawyer's big news

While Jeremy and Ian were in the garage cleaning, I decided to take some new pictures of Sawyer in honor of his big news. He's crawling now! He's been bouncing on his hands and knees for a couple of weeks and then on Thanksgiving night he decided it was time and moved forward. He's getting better everyday and is so satisfied with himself when he finally grabs a toy that was just out of his reach.

He's also started on some solids and I'll be posting some of those pics soon. Here he is looking cute as can be and so proud of himself!

And finally, I just had to post a picture of my new favorite baby thing right now. They are called babylegs and you can find them here. I love (LOVE!) them. They are perfect for keeping baby's legs warm during the cold weather so there is no gap between the pants and the sock. They can even go over the heal to keep the socks on. And they are great for moments like this when baby is crawling and you want something to protect their knees. Plus...they come in adorable patterns and colors!



Annagrace said...

Pea had two pairs of Babylegs and they were my favorite thing! They're also good under pants so when they're in the stroller or carrier there is no "wind gap" up their legs--and I loved them in warmer weather with just a onesie--it's everything good about tights and nothing to worry about if the diaper explodes!

Bonnie and Fred said...

This little guy gets more cute each time he gets his picture taken. Congrats on your new mode of transportation Sawyer. We love you.

Adam and Raechell said...

Sawyer, You are so beautiful! :D

Karli said...

Sawyer is so cute! I love those leggings, and can't wait to put them on our little one. Thanks for the great gift, Andrea! 39 weeks, 4 days & counting!