Friday, February 12, 2010

birthdays and birds

Valentine's Day? Around here it's known as Ian's birthday. We've gladly pushed the chocolate-giving, love-enducing holiday to another time. Every year I think about doing Valentine's crafts but the bigger of the events takes over and we never seem to mind. So this week we've been planning menus and thinking of birthday decorations that we want to have around the house. We are celebrating with family and friends tomorrow morning and there is a lot of excitement in the air.

Donuts are out the window (the smell of heated oil was too much for me... ick. And gluten-free dough just doesn't have the same hold as regular flour dough and the combination did me in). Instead we are doing muffins and salads and egg dishes, lots of coffee, and a huge chocolate cake to top it off.

We've been busy with little birthday crafts here and there.... watercolors...

tissue paper and glue....

and they are turning out pretty cute. (Finished craft pictures to come...)


The other event that's happening this weekend (no, not the Olympics although I'm giddy they are starting too). It's the Great Backyard Bird Count. We started it last year and we've carved out 15 minutes today to just sit and watch. We've got our bird books, hoping to identify some of them, but mostly hoping to see a few even though it's raining. It only takes 15 minutes and a few moments online to add your own bird count and then it gets included in the national total.



Adam and Raechell said...

Fun weekend plans and crafts. :)

Linda said...

It all sounds like such fun Andrea. Happy Birthday to your little one. Give Tonia a hug for me!
Hope you find lots of birdies to count!!

Adam and Raechell said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY IAN!!! :) We all love you! (PS Andrea, not sure if I ever told you, but my brother was born just minutes to midnight on Valentine's Day! :D It's an extra special time of year...two celebrations in one!)