Friday, August 14, 2009

Life and vacations

Sitting outside while the boys play. Happy that the sun is out today, if even for a moment, but thankful for the rain that fell this week. Not feeling too well and still feeling sad about our Henry. Thinking about the coming months and what they will bring.

It's important to change and move with life. I know this but it's never easy. I really do love feeling content. But little things move, they flow in and out as days go by. So we make little adjustments to move with it.

It means cutting back on our spending. Letting go of our one hundred tv channels to find contentment in just the few. To eat at home more and enjoy our own company. But realizing that even though we have to cut back on our spending habits, our house is (nearly!) painted and we've avoided further problems by waiting another year.

It means thinking that our 4 year old has finally learned a lesson in yelling only to have to sit down with him again and again. Repetition, quiet voices, gentle reprimands to calm the storm. That he has to be mindful of everything he says and how he says it. But knowing that he is learning to speak kindly even in the midst of his outbursts. And that we must show him, by example, what that means.

And how a 2 year old whose vocabulary has consisted of new words every day, is now stuck on two phrases: "I do, I DO!" and "Mine!". It means realizing that we cannot raise these boys without prayer and without constant emotional and spiritual attention.

But I'm so thankful for it all. So thankful for God's reminders of what it means to live fully and peacefully. That He isn't content to let us just sit and be idle. He's always teaching us and providing opportunities to trust Him and to grow in Him.


I'm still finding pieces of our vacation lying around. A dirt-filled shoe here, an extra nap needed there. Our week away was very busy. We packed our days full of activities with only a little time at night to fit a board game in. The boys had an incredible time. Staying up late, constant company with their cousins around, lots of food, and so many opportunities to run and play. They fell asleep every night exhausted but woke up in the mornings ready to go full speed ahead.

Keeping tabs on cousin Caleb was a favorite past time of Ian's.

There were deer everywhere and like the dutiful city-folk we are, we took pictures whenever we could with however many cameras we had on hand.

We hiked and climbed our way around a couple of waterfalls. I left the picture big so you can see the teeny tiny man standing nearly underneath the fall on the right. That would be my Dad who still thinks he's invincible at 62 and loves to scare us all with his daring adventures. (Really... I can only blame my need to skydive the day before I graduated highschool on him. I get a lot of that from him.)

The boys making brownies with cousin Meagan.

Licking the spoons was the best part.

And collapsing every afternoon for a quick rest and to catch up on Shark Week.

Out of all the pictures we took, there wasn't one that turned out clearly of my 14 year old niece Meagan and I. So I included this one... blurry me and beautiful Meagan. It still makes me happy.



Adam and Raechell said...

What wonderfully fun moments. :) Thanks for sharing.

Linda said...

Yes Andrea - life is always causing us to stretch and grow in one way or another. And yes, yes - raising children is a super challenging job, but so rewarding. I think you are doing it all so well.
Your vacation looks like such fun. I envy you that family time in a beautiful place. I'm 62 too and like to think that it really isn't all that terribly old, but some days...

Andrea said...

Thanks Shelly!

Oh Linda... 62 is NOT old! You are right and I hope I didn't imply that it was. My Dad is young in heart and spirit, but his knees aren't as strong as they used to be so his little 'off-trail' adventure scared us all! (I think it gave him a renewed spirit though to do something out of the ordinary!) Just like a kid right? It's why we love him!

And thank you... as much I don't like being pulled and stretched, I love what comes out of it... especially when it comes to parenting.

Bonnie and Fred said...

I love the pic of Ian and Sawyer relaxing to watch tv. Sawyer seems to really have a friend at his side. Tell you Dad to keep it up. You younger ones will just have to get used to it.