Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This and That...

The boys are playing with dough at the table, making shapes, and I'm enjoying a few moments on the laptop drinking hot tea to soothe a sore throat. The weather the last few days has been beautiful in that perfect Fall-ish sort of way with clear skies, yellow sun, and only the occasional need of a jacket. We've been busy around here but in a good way... lots of little projects with time to rest and play outdoors in between.

I decided this last weekend that it was time to make some more herbal tinctures. I've been making them sporadically for the last couple of years. They are very simple to make but it takes a good 6 weeks before they're finished. I made a small jar of an echinacea tincture for when we feel a cold coming on and then a couple jars mixed with lemon balm, chamomile, passion flower, oatstraw, catnip, and hops. The combination of which helps with a good night's sleep... and it's perfect for little ones. When my tinctures are done, I'll give a full tutorial on how I like to make mine.

And just because I love them so...these are my latest Etsy buys. I've mentioned before how much I love Pyrex and when I saw these I couldn't resist. I have four of these little mugs, milk glass with a red stripe, so sweet.

And these little bowls came just a few days ago. Milk glass with bluish stripes... six total and they are in near perfect condition, same as the mugs. We really needed new bowls and now I'm happy finding excuses to eat out of them.

The other day when the boys were resting, I heard a little tapping on our sliding glass doors. I ignored it at first because it was so faint. But when it happened again I got up and saw Guinevere staring right at me. She loves the porch and even though we've clipped her wings (she's escaped to the neighbors TWICE!) and have a gate up at the bottom of the deck stairs, she still manages to get up here and won't hesitate to come inside if the door is open. We can't fault her for wanting to be with us.. I mean, we are friendly bunch... but I draw the line at full grown chickens no matter how cute she may be.



Adam and Raechell said...

I loved this post. :) I can't wait to learn about tinctures. So cool.

Your new cups and bowls are beautiful finds. I just love Etsy. Most fun shopping on Earth.

I LOL at your chicken. She's so cute....even if full grown. Aren't pets fun?!!

Hope you are feeling better soon. We are experiencing rain and sleet...turning to snow tonight. :O Enjoy a little of that Fall weather for me. :D

The Ferriter Family said...

Ohh I just love vintage Pyrex!! I have a whole little collection. For me, I just love bowls, and custard cups. If you look for a certain pattern, let me know. Being in Corning does have its benefits (they used to make pyrex here!!), so there are ton's of pieces at sales.

Linda said...

I feel a sweet sense of peace as I sit back and read your blog Andrea. The days are beautiful here too - such a welcome reprieve after our unusually long, hot summer.
I will be very interested in the tinctures. I just finally broke down and asked my doctor for a rx for something to help me sleep. It is one of the difficulties of growing older (I'm a grandma to seven perfectly precious grandchildren) I'm afraid. Sleep has eluded me for such a long time, I was beginning to feel a bit desperate. If I could find something natural that would work, I would like that.
Guinevere (what a perfect name) looks so sweet. I don't blame her for wanting to come in for a visit :-)

randi---i have to say said...

I am really interested in the tinctures that you make. I have made glycerites since my kids where little, but now they are bigger and i feel OK about the alcohol in the tinctures. I would love to learn how to make them!