Tuesday, September 16, 2008


"And a big white hen standing on one leg. And under the hen was a quiet egg."

- Big Red Barn

We've been looking every day knowing that the time was coming. We didn't make it out there yesterday until the afternoon so this first little egg got a few curious pecks. Still, it's so little and so perfectly oval. A pinkish brown with tiny white specks. Our first egg!



Karli said...

That's awesome! I thought of you guys today when I paid $4.00 for a carton of organic, naturally nested, cage free, veg-fed eggs!

Adam and Raechell said...

Isn't that sweet! Many more should be coming! How exciting. ;)

Kerrie said...

You're back! Glad to see you up and blogging again. :-) I bet eggs will never have tasted as good as the ones from your own chickens.

Bellaziza's Favorite Things said...

Yayee! I'm just so fascinated by you and your chickens Andrea:)!!

Justin Cardinal said...

Can't wait to one out of eggs one day and have to come over to barrow some! Good times!