Monday, June 9, 2008


Our weekend was full of birthdays, a baby shower, and a goodbye party for some good friends who are moving away soon. Several of the parties were with people we hadn't seen in years so Jeremy and I usually ended up on those nights in bed reminiscing about this person or remembering "that one time...".

What a full and wonderful few days it's been.

One of the birthdays was for my sister and I decided to make some homemade lotion and body scrub. It took a couple of days and a completely messy kitchen but I'm happy with the results.

I ended up creating my own hand and body lotion recipe since the two I tried weren't turning out as I had hoped. I found most all the ingredients in my kitchen cupboard like the coconut butter and the canola oil. I had to find the beeswax but it wasn't too hard. It smelled so yummy while I was whipping it up that Ian kept coming up and asking for a taste.

I found this recipe in The Herbal Body Book. I saved a little for myself so I could try it out too.

All-Purpose Scrub

1/2 cup ground oatmeal
1/3 cup ground sunflower seeds
4 Tablespoons almond meal
1/2 teaspoon ground peppermint, spearmint, or rosemary (I just used some looseleaf peppermint tea leaves that I had)
dash cinnamon powder (optional)
water, milk, or heavy cream

Mix dry ingredients together thoroughly. Use approximately 2 teaspoons of scrub mixture for the face, more for the body, and enough water (for oily skin), milk (for normal skin), or heavy cream (for dry skin), to form a spreadable paste. Allow to thicken for 1 minute. Massage onto face and throat or body area. Rinse.

Good for: All skin types
Use: daily or as needed
Follow with: moisturizer
Prep time: approximately 10 minutes
Mix with: blender, food processor
Store in: zip-seal bag, low tub/jar, or tin
Yields: 4 to 24 treatments, depending on use
Special: Leaves skin very smooth

Enjoy and let me know if you try it!



Meghan said...

What a GREAT idea for a birthday present! It's so personal and thoughtful :-)

Adam and Raechell said...

I love to make stuff like this too! I usually only whip up enough to use for the week, but it is out of this world. I always add peppermint to mine because I love the zing it has when I wash my face with it. :) They look lovely. What a great idea!

Adam and Raechell said...
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Justin Cardinal said...

THanks for the thoughts, I am always looking for gift ideas.

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

Beautiful gift.
Beautiful sister... both the recipient and the giver...

Every blessing...

Karli said...

I've never tried my hand at making this before, but have always wanted to. My friend Colleen has made me a similar scrub before, and I think it makes such a wonderful gift. Happy scrubbing!