Friday, June 6, 2008


A couple of days ago I set about in the kitchen making homemade veggie broth for some soup. I tried not to think about it being June when normally we would be breaking out the grill, brewing iced tea, and gearing up for strawberry shortcake. It was cold and we just felt like having something warm to eat.

Since I try really hard not to complain about the rainy season here in the NW, I won't start now. I mean who doesn't love 50 degree weather, grey skies, and lots and lots of water falling from the sky in June? So instead, I make my warm soup and read all curled up on the couch covered in a blanket to keep my feet warm.

I broke out a new book I got this past month called, I Love Dirt. It has a lot of ideas for getting outside and into nature with your kids. The biggest thing I took from it is to just get outside, rain or shine, everyday.

So while the soup cooked, we headed outside to finish digging out our garden boxes to finally get our garden going (See? A benefit of a late summer season!). Ian has a stash of his own garden and lawn tools to help us out.

We rented a dumpster just for dirt and the boys had fun digging around for whatever they deemed prizeworthy, usually in the form of rocks and insects.

We finally quarantined Sawyer to an empty garden box because he wouldn't stop eating the dirt and since I was making soup I didn't want his appetite ruined.

But looky looky! He's starting to stand up on his own everywhere now!

I know most boys like dirt, but I think Ian would be most happy if we had kept the dumpster and had just moved his bed right in, snuggled in between the clumps of old roots and all the creepy crawly things he was collecting in a jar.



Andrea said...

Ian was in heaven playing in the dirt piles for sure... he kept wanting me to dump the wheelbarrow dirt on him while he was in the dumpster - I declined.

Sawyer was hilarious because he apparently enjoys eating dirt - who knew? -JC

bryanlvusrenee said...

my one year old also finds dirt a favorite. has ever since she could pull herself to stand @ 6 months! and now she is 13 months and thinks dirt and outside is the best thing ever.

I might have to see what it would cost to get a dumpster of dirt... just for the entertainment factor, it might be a good idea!

Annagrace said...

I love the way Sawyer squat-stands--it was cracking me up the other day because he's not doing the usual hold on to a piece of furniture thing, he's just squatting in the middle of the floor and slooowly pulling his torso up, with this really focused look on his face. Too cute!

And yes--they are boys for sure!

Bonnie and Fred said...

The boys love of dirt may come from their KY heritage. As a kid, we loved to make roads on the hillside to drive our play cars. I remember spending hours with my cousins getting pretty dirty. Keep up the good work boys. Love, Grandpa Fred.

The Lehmans said...

My boys can find dirt anywhere! Wow, what would they do with a dumpster full! I love the pic of Ian laying in the dirt. Priceless!

Betsy said...

Love these pictures! My boys HATE being dirty. One crumb on their hands and they freak out demanding I wash their hands! We're trying to break them of that though, because, well, they're boys.

Justin Cardinal said...

Dirt time is one of the main reasons for my garden this year ... Sydney is even finding worms and loving it!