Thursday, September 13, 2007


Getting ready to go fishing on Grandpa's boat!

In the boat and ready to go.

Grandpa Fred and Ian

Ian was so excited to help drive!
Looking at the water

Waiting for Grandpa to get his pole ready.

Learning to fish

He's a natural

Enjoying the views

Doesn't get much better than fishing on Grandpa's knee.

Grandpa and Ian caught a fish! Ian wanted to touch it but...

...the fish moved.

Still unsure but thinking about it.

Proudly showing off the fish

Dad's turn to catch a fish.

Telling dad it's a bit smaller than Grandpa's fish.

Thinking about the day's catch.

Sawyer enjoying the afternoon.


On our way back...I think Ian had fun :-).


1 comment:

Bonnie and Fred said...

I had such a great time fishing with Ian. Can't wait til he and
Sawyer are a little older and I can take them along with Sam and Alex. We might even make room for a parent to accompany us.