Thursday, August 9, 2007

Wanting a change

Lately I've been wanting to write. I love this little space of ours so much that I've made several attempts to start another blog to go along with it. Unfortunately, it just hasn't come together the way I want. So after talking with Jeremy, I'm going to just incorporate into this blog. Nothing big...nothing earth shattering....just a post here and there about what we are actually up to, or little things we've accomplished. I love cooking so maybe I'll throw in some recipes every now and then. My heart very much leans toward the more natural way of parenting from snuggling with my little ones in bed to giving them arnica for bumps and bruises. I may even include my favorite restful sleep tincture that has worked wonders on Ian. I love to research and read about everything so I usually have plenty of opinions to share :-). I'll be adding some links and lists to the sidebar and Jeremy has already informed me that he wants to post occasionally too. For the family back East...please don't worry...we will definitely continue with the pictures of the boys!

***Bonnie, do you recognize the flower? It's from your garden. I took this picture in 2002. It's beautiful isn't it?



Bonnie and Fred said...

Yes, it does look familiar! Don't you just love the digital camera? We look forward to your new adventure. Happy writing and posting!

Adam and Raechell said...

How lovely. :) Mom has the prettiest flowers. What a great idea. Fun, fun.

Karli said...

This is a great idea, Andrea! I look forward to reading your posts!