Sunday, August 12, 2007

Healthy Cleaning Products

Ian's at the age where he really wants to be involved with what we are doing whether it's taking the trash out with Jeremy, carrying groceries in from the car, or helping me clean the house. This has made me rethink what I'm using as far as cleaners and if I really want him touching them. So I've slowly been banishing all those harsh cleaning products with more natural ones. I have tried different homemade mixtures but none seem to clean as well as I like. But I think I've finally found it thanks to my sister. Here are the recipes if you are interested. My sister posted them on her blog. (yes! My sister blogs too!)

Since you make the cleaner yourself, you can try out different essential oils to find the scent you like. Nearly all will smell and feel cleaner than any artificial product you use. They are really very easy to make and definitely worth the time.



Adam and Raechell said...

I really enjoy your new additions to this blog. I'm looking forward to the next ones. I also love the links. ;)

Karli said...

It's so cool you have him helping you as you work. I believe this is an important part of the Montessori philosophy. This picture is so great, too, because it depicts the safety of the cleanser you have made. Usually, parents cannot have their children even in the same room as they clean due to the harsh fumes of the products. This is better for the environment, for your house, for your kids, and for you! Can't wait to try out the recipes myself. --Karli