Friday, May 14, 2010

Birthday Boy

Hard to believe that my 2nd little boy, Sawyer Benjamin, is now a big 3 year old! We had a big celebration for him yesterday and he loved the attention. What an adventure these past 3 years have been with him. While it started out a little rough... (crying babies that don't like to sleep can take an adjustment!)... he has become the most sweet-natured toddler I've ever been around. He loves to laugh and even cracks jokes. He wants to do everything that his big brother does and, of course, do it on his own. He loves to crawl in bed and snuggle with me which is the quickest way to this mama's heart for sure. He is extremely picky when it comes to food but we've found patience and repetition eventually changes his mind. He loves music and plays his guitar whenever Dad plays his. He sings songs and plays air drums. He is incredibly sensitive and wants to make sure we are never mad at him. He loves his little brother Gavin more than I ever thought a 3 year old could. He kisses his head, holds his hands, and tells him he loves him daily. Sawyer really is joy to my heart and our family is so much better with him.

Happy birthday Sawyer!



Bonnie and Fred said...

Happy birthday Sawyer. Sounds as though you had a great day. I love your new bike. Love, Grandpa Fred & Grandma Bonnie.

Tasha Lehman said...

Happy Birthday Sawyer! Nice ride!