Wednesday, April 7, 2010


(Our wheat berries we planted last week)

Life goes on even when we are waiting for a big event. Baby is still snug inside. I don't think he realizes his due date has come and gone. The car seat is installed, his itty bitty clothes are washed and ready to be worn, and the blankets are set aside just waiting to wrap him up. The boys are really excited to meet their little brother and I'm ready to kiss his little feet, counting toes as I go.

His time inside is almost over and even though I get excited with every contraction knowing it could be time, I'm also trying to enjoy the last bump to my ribs and the tiny foot that makes my belly so lopsided. And while I know the hardest work is still to come, I cannot wait to have him here with us.

(We thought it would be funny for little Red and Chicky to grow some hair, so we planted some for them.)



Linda said...

I will be praying for you as you wait for that little one to make his appearance. In the meantime, rest a bit sweet girl.
I love the "hair"!

Bonnie and Fred said...

We are anxious to see our 3rd grandson. Pray everything goes fast and smooth once it begins. Love you.

heatherlybarnes said...

thinking of you and praying too. love to you, Andrea.

Tasha Lehman said...

Hope he decides to come home SOON!