Friday, March 19, 2010

Baby wearing boys

We brought up all the baby boxes from our basement last week. Neatly packed away were baby blankets, clothes, socks, and every other baby essential we ever used for the boys. We've been slowly unpacking them, remembering who wore what and when, and "oh do you remember when so and so used that!". Boxes full of memories that will only be added to when this new little boy arrives.

In one of the boxes was a Waldorf doll that we had bought for Ian when I was pregnant with Sawyer. He was barely two at the time and in typical 2-year-old boy fashion, he threw the doll across the room not looking at it twice. We kept it around for awhile but it never really got more than a cursory glance from him.

Last week, he grabbed it out of the box as fast as he could and asked what the doll was for. Ever since, he's carried the baby around, made a little bed for him, and makes sure he's taken care of.

Since I know we'll be wearing this new baby after he's born most of the time, I decided to make a couple baby slings for the boys so they could wear their "babies" as well. Ian was so excited when I told him that this is how Dad carried them.

The pattern is from Amanda Soule's book, sized down for kids. I repurposed some yellow curtains since the fabric was sturdy and then added a little color with extra pieces I had laying around. No cost to me but something new for the boys.

We are currently in waiting mode. He can come any time but I know it can still be a couple of weeks away. Trying to enjoy the last of this pregnancy while dreaming of what our life will be like with 3 little boys. In the meantime, we are ready for him and I have a lot of sewing projects to keep my busy.



Adam and Raechell said...

Hearing about Ian throwing the doll reminds me of Sammie throwing hers. She was so loving with it until she found out that I would be staying in the hospital with the "new baby" (Alex) for one more day. Then she threw it down the stairs. Good times. :D LOL

So excited with you all for the new baby boy to come! Congrats on getting everything ready in time and for creating something new and useful for the boys to play with.

Jeremy said...

I love carrying our babies around like that... such a cool way to keep them close and still have hands free.

These boys are gonna be nice finds for some lucky ladies in next 20+ years. :)